Windows seems to have lost its keyboard driver

By sLil
Dec 2, 2004
  1. On reboot, I get to the Logon screen. The mouse works fine and I click to enter my logon password. As soon as I hit a key on the keyboard, the PC freezes.

    I tried booting in safe mode and the keyboard was OK. So I went to Device Manager and saw a "!" against the keyboard driver. So I uninstalled the driver and then tried to re-install it. It told me that there is no driver available.

    So I used my Windows XP Home install disk to repair the OS. It went trundling through and came to a point where it needed sisagp.sys. I located it on my motherboard setup CD and all looked fine and dandy until it got to the "enter your product licence key" screen. One touch on the keyboard and everything froze.

    Now its stuck in an eternal loop - when I reboot it restarts the setup routine and gets to the same place every time.

    The PC has two hard disks and I still have an old copy of XP installed on D:. I can boot to D (that's how I got here!) and the keyboard's fine. So I know there's nothing wrong with the hardware and the problem is somewhere in Windows config. In the end, I realise I may just have to back up all the stuff on C and do a completely new install, but I'd rather not as there are so many applications that I'll have to install!

    Is it possible to get out of that Windows setup loop? Can I edit the registry or something on C while I'm booted from D? I have a copy of the entire registry from a few days ago. Can I use that to get out of the setup loop?

    ANY help will be most appreciated, please please please

    Many thanks in advance.
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