Windows Task Manager loads for 1 second, then closes itself automatically

By MrPartyHat
Jan 17, 2005
  1. Everytime I ctrlaltdlt, the task manager shuts itself down straight away. Also, several Java webpages shut themselves down as soon as they begin to load, as well as Limewire (a P2P program) not opening up at all when I double click its icon.

    I formatted my PC less than a week ago, and have run many virus scans/spyware scans and have no visible viruses or spyware.

    Please... help! :)
  2. Pegasus04

    Pegasus04 TS Rookie Posts: 33

    More data needed

    Which OS are you using? Year of release? Have you web-updated it?

    Sounds like a virus. That happened to me a few times and it was always a virus. If your OS is out of date you may have some open ports allowing infection to occur every time you hook up to the web, no matter how many residents are turned on.

    Have you tried killing processes, or shutting down services if XP, updating the OS, etc.?

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