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Task Manager Disabled - Each window Closes Itself- Cannot Install any Software

By ajithvee
Jul 2, 2010
  1. Hi --

    I have a serious problem here - need your help !

    I use a Win XP SP 2 - Laptop -
    Recently I had an issue wherein the OS does not allow me to Install any programs.
    I thought it is an OS glitch and here is what I have done.

    ** Formatted C: drive and Installed the New copy of OS.
    ** Still issue Persits
    ** Learned that soon after installing the OS and drivers, the task manager is disabled and i am not able to Install any Programs.
    ** The Installation window closes itself
    ** Checked the forum to Troublesoot on this issue.
    ** Solution says to work with the system registry to fix this issue
    ** Soon after i open the system registry - and checking on what to do next - the window closes immediately
    ** issue is : Application window closes itself
    ** Donot have any AV or Malware software installed to scan the PC - unable to install the Softwares as well ( as the Window closes itself while installation)
    ** Wanted to Fix this issue without losing any data which I saved in D: E : and F: drives.

  2. Tremulous

    Tremulous TS Rookie

    Your saying that the Operating System won't let you install any software. Well thats a new one for me. What I think is that you might have some sort of junk software bundled with your operating system.

    Is the disk you are using Legit and is it a pure windows CD or DVD.

    I ask this because some shady people sell pirated copies and might bundle the malware with your computer. I know this because I got a "free antivirus" program the wouldn't let me open anything but Internet explorer.

    To find out if this is the case try booting your computer in safe mode (press F5 like crazy on boot-up). Then look and the startup menu in msconfig.

    To get to that go to the start menu and go to "RUN"
    Type in "msconfig", but without the quotations.
    Look at the startup screen.
    Look at all of the boxes for something suspicious and then look at the Command column.
    If it isn't in the windows directory do a quick google search on the name of the start up item and see if it is any malware, if it is try to delete it in Safe mode.

    If you can't open msconfig try this solution.

    Go to a friends house or the local library with a usb flash drive and download an antivirus program that runs inside the drive, after that go back to your computer and attempt to run the program.

    Hope this helps.
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