Windows tries to install Microsoft Money 2002 every restart

By tnrvrgal
Nov 29, 2004
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    can't stop windows installer

    when desktop comes up (Windows XP home) no matter where I click windows installer tries to install Microsoft Money 2002. Can't stop this.

    Have done troubleshooting and removing Microsoft Money 2002...other problems occurred when i removed the program.

    Tried system restore -- two different dates.

    Also color resolution has become flawed.
    Can't get system restore to fix.

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  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Select Start/Programs and see if anything is in your Startup folder. If you find an install or setup in there, "drag" it out to the Desktop. Reboot and see if the Money-stuff is gone. If not, "drag" it back in your Startup folder.

    Try this.
    Select Start/Run and type in msconfig and press enter.
    Check the startup-options. Somewhere in there you are likely to find the install or setup for that prog. Disable it by marking the appropriate line, save it and exit.
    On your next (re)boot it should be gone.

    Report your findings back here and I'm sure we can help you further.
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