Windows Vista won't start

  1. the computer worked fine this morning but when my aunt tried to download a bigfish game to her account it wouldn't work so we restarted the computer. The computer updated and won't start up now. It starts booting but it comes up to the blue screen saying there's a fatal system error and there is a memory dump. i've tried to run through safe mode and it won't work. I've tried start-up repair but it just stops in the middle. the blue light will stay on on the tower but the monitor will turn off. i've tried the system restore but there are no restore points. sometimes when you try to start it up it runs chkdsk, but it stopped right before stage 3 and again the blue light on the tower stays on, but the monitor is off. i don't know what's wrong with the computer or why it's not working.

    on a sidenote, our internet wasn't working either. the desktop(the computer with the problem) doesn't have wireless internet, but we have a wireless router so we have to plug it in via ethernet cable. the internet wasn't working on any of our laptops, but when i unplugged the ethernet cable so that the router wasn't connected to the desktop the internet started working again.

    the desktop is a gateway computer and it has windows vista.
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    Could you post the memory dump.

    It sounds to me as if either your hard drive has failed or you have a malware infection.

    To test your hard drive follow this guide. You will need to use another PC to make the CD.


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