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By DW49
Mar 29, 2007
  1. Hello,
    I recently bought a new notebook computer that came with vista home premium pre-installed. I originally had vista ultimate edition installed on my desktop computer, on a separate hard drive (D) . It was only the 'evaluation version anyway, and was going to expire in june 2007 anyway. I had the latest version of vistabootpro installed on both hard drives on my computer,
    (C) & (D) . On the D drive where vista was installed, I first had the software remove / disable the vista bootloader. I then moved the files that I wanted to save that were contained on the (D) drive to the (C) drive. Then I formatted the (D) drive. Now when I bootup the computer, my 'original' os starts ok, but before it does I see the gray bar @ the bottom of the screen like I've seen before in a dual boot system. Is there any way to keep the bar from appearing ?
    David :knock:
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