Windows will not install

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Sep 7, 2008
  1. kimsland

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    Just to remind you that you have had a number of issues repaired here
    The first one being to replace the HardDrive

    I'm not sure if you ever got to reset CMOS to defaults (as posted by me somewhere back there) but shorting the CMOS jumper (or on some systems pulling the battery out) can have the same affect, except you will then need to set the time and everything again. Actually looking back over all the posts, I should have said pull the battery, that way it would have saved me the posts on CMOS.

    Anyway glad it's solved (again) As you have kind've ended a couple of times in the thread, with all working. If you do get another issue it may be best to start a new thread (with reference to this one)

    Done :grinthumb
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