Windows won't load and give N/A error codes

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Nov 10, 2008
  1. My problem is that windows won't load.
    first off i'll how i first faced this probelm

    my computer worked fine had no problems
    i went to clean my computer using compressed air
    so i opened my computer and unplugged all cables so that i had room to move
    i then removed the ram, graphics card, and heat sink

    and then cleaned computer the whole time i was using an ESD kit

    i put everything back i, turned on my computer didn't work. so first time i checked all cables etc checked everything was in corrently.

    when i turn my computer on it will get past post (not all the time) i will see the windows loading screen for a bit then it may flicker up a blue screen and then restart

    somethings i it will give me the option to start windows normally, last known good config or do safe mode etc

    last known good config yeilds the same as windows normally safe mode with either network or command line don't work but safe mode does but not all the time
    it may get to the loading screen but will then restart.

    also some times it will load up to my normal logon screen but the restarts

    i was only able to get the blue to say up when i put my windows disk in and i got two error codes

    0x000000D1 and 0x000000A

    i also belive there is a 3rd because when it flickers a blue screen i managed to see that it was a lot longer then the others

    any help would be of great help

    edit- just made post and saw some words have links don't no why this is
  2. CCT

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    1 - the 'links' you see are ads to help pay for this site - Live with it!

    2 - When you removed the heat exchanger from the processor, did you apply NEW thermal compound before re-attaching it?

    that is all -
  3. Tritton

    Tritton TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 108

    no it didn't need any more

    just an update on what i have done
    i have used
    for the 0x000000D1 there were 3 links with that code 2 of them were for when it happen when you turn off your computer-so that didn't apply to me

    and the other one was a file a download from microsoft i tryed that that didn't work as i had S3

    as for the 0x000000A i have only got it once and like i said beofore i only got the blue screen to stay up when the windows disk is on (and it says about it happens during the XP installtion)
    a lot of the stuff it recommends i'm unable to do with he state my computer is in, and i know everything is combatable already the only other thing is the RAM checking. so could some suggest a good checker
  4. swker98

    swker98 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,077

    when you boot hit F8 and select disable automatic restart on error and see what the blue screen says

    also download memtest from and run it for 6 or 7 passes to see if the ram is bad
  5. Tritton

    Tritton TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 108

    i have tested/testing my RAM and i got over 124420 errors with both RAM chips in

    i have also seens have 3 more error codes
    0x000000D1 but with differant ending
    0x000000 (was E something need to find out again)
  6. Burty

    Burty TS Rookie

    LOL! Ryan!

    OMG! Please delete! i love you! =)
  7. swker98

    swker98 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,077

    ok your next step would be to try each stick of ram individually to see which one is bad
  8. Tritton

    Tritton TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 108

    done that
    they both show errors
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