Windows XP blue screen, assistance please.

By josploeg
Nov 30, 2006
  1. Hello, I've got a problem with a computer which currently has Windows XP installed on it. The problem is that after the computer has booted as far as the point where you should get a windows XP loading screen, it crashes into a blue screen. With a typical message to check the drive for virusses and everything.

    Originaly the computer had Windows 98, but because of driver problems it no longer recognized many of it's components. I removed the harddrive and installed it into a different computer and installed Windows XP Pro on it, after which I put the harddrive with a newly installed version of WinXP back into the computer and tried to boot it up. Which constantly results into a blue screen.

    This makes me wonder what is wrong, since in the Windows 98 installation there we're no such problems. The only thing that might be broken is the DVD-Writer, however even with that unconnected the computer gets the blue screen.

    Frankly I'm stumped at what the problem is. Anything I could try?
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    Let me get this right,

    You take a machine with Win98 on it
    You install XP on it
    You put it back into another machine...

    And you ask why it bluescreens......

    XP builds a HAL during install (Hardware Abstraction Layer), this is a list of installed Hardware on the Motherboard.

    Should you then put that into another machine that has a different hardware configuration, then XP will fail to boot.

    Ideally you should have installed the XP in and on the machine that it will ultimately reside in /on.

    I thought this was common knowledge but it seems not, take solace in the fact that more people seem to be unaware of NT based products such as XP and 2K and find out the hardway that it can only work in the machine that it was installed on, unlike Win98 which can adapt to any hardware.

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