Windows XP Crushes

Mar 20, 2005
  1. Windows XP Crashes

    Hi, hope i'm not much of a trouble but i have a problem with my Windowx XP Professional

    When ever i start my pc .. after a while .. or very often when i browse my applications .. as specialy when i have IE opend my pc freezes and i can't click my taskbar or items on desktop top .. the only thing i can do is to browse throw applications with alt+tab that are still working, so i tryed ctrl+alt+del and my windows security apears, but when i press task manager windows security window dissapears and i can se only my wallpaper .. without items on desktop or taskbar .. so i have to restart my pc manualy ..

    What should i do ?

    Thank you in advance
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    I installed windows for 3 times and this problem apears only when i configure my internet connections and connect to the internet .. it just freezes my pc my explorer .. every time i use IE or something from windows it freezes .. and when i pres ctrl+alt+del and i press "Task Manager" everything is gone .. and i can se only the wallpaper .. it even freezed when i was installing Service Pack 2 two times.. i think it`s something from explorer .. i have bitdefender 8 professional plus and i don't have any viruses or spyware .. i'm desperate .. i think i'm gonna install longhorn 4047 again because with him i had no problems .. except my drivers wouldn't work .. :(
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