Windows XP Loads Right Before The Welcome Screen The Shuts Off

By Jasio-
Aug 26, 2006
  1. This morning my keyboard wasnt working upstairs. So i reinstalled it all, drivers, etc. It's wireless and my dad was cleaning.. He unplugged the receiver because it contained an old mouse we never used. So i figured no harm done, we got it, plugged it back in. Nothing. We tried about 5 times to install the software, reboot, troubleshoot, check it all. Nothing. So i brought an old keyboard up, and restarted windows. I forgot to take out the software disk for the driver (if that matters) out, and when it started it shut down at the welcome screen (the black screen before it.. infact). So after it started on its own again, it gave me the Run Windows Safe Mode/Normal Mode. I clicked normal, same thing. I clicked safe, it said some stuff about partitions, and nothing happened after that. I'd seriously hope this isnt because of a disk still being in the drive. I took it out, and still same thing. Will a system restore help in this case, or is it much worse than that
  2. Jasio-

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    Fixed the problem. Turns out every time i plug a keyboard into my PS2 ports windows fails to load like that >.< .. USB all the way baby..
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