Windows XP Pro Startup Error

By opal112490
Aug 28, 2008
  1. I have been getting an error each time I start up my computer. The Boot proccess runs smoothly, and loads windows xp, but right before it changes from the xp startup screen to the logon screen, it breifly flashes a blue screen similar to the chkdsk screen with the windows xp logo in the top right corner, and gives an error stating "The configuration file cannot be opened"... Then the it continues with loading the windows xp logon screen. This has me stumped, mainly because it gives no specific error details. I've checked my system logs, ran chkdsk, and still no effect on this. I am thinking that it may have something to do with system restore, because those are the only errors that I could find in my system logs. So, I disabled system restore, and this still had no effect. I've searched google for hours and found nothing about this... Any support would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

    I'm running Win XP Pro SP2 with all windows updates applied. And I'm not currently having any other problems other than this one.
  2. kimsland

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    Found here:

  3. kimsland

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    ie Try Last Known Good Configuration from the F8 Startup Menu
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