Windows XP Rebooting Randomly - Now Can't Re-install

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Jun 11, 2008
  1. alan93

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    Thanks for all the help

    What's the best way to get drivers updated?

    I checked out a tool called driver detective but tested to see if it was accurate by updating one of the drivers it said was out of date. After running it again. It said the same driver was out of date!! Still.


    Computer is running fine now, no random reboots, no video loss running on MB vga and one old tube monitor and known good ram stick.
    Corsair is processing an RMA for the warranty on their RAM, they seem to be an upstanding company.

    Really wondering what went bad first, RAM, DRIVER, STORM POWER OUTAGE CAUSING OTHERS?
    I am on surge protector.

    Need to further check ou my EVGA vid card find out why it is cutting out
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