Windows XP takes 1min+ to 'activate' an icon or show start when i click it

By jeddah
Sep 30, 2007
  1. Hello,

    I hope you can offer some advice for resolving this time consuming problem on my Dell Latitude D505 laptop. I've been googling all afternoon but most of the hits I get back are to do with Windows hanging rather than anything exactly the same as my problem.

    This is a work laptop that the college I teach at gave me. It is more or less okay, rather slow at times, but it does me fine. It has wireless connection at the college, but when I come home, I plug in my Virgin broadband cable connection (no software installed from Virgin) which i think is the only difference in it's use here and the college.

    My problem is that when I am at home and click the start button, for example, I can wait up to two minutes for the start menu to show. Similarly for any further menus from the Start Menu, it takes a similar amount of time. It is just painfully slow. Another similar problem is if I use MSN Messenger; I click the desktop icon, and after the long wait for Messenger to appear, I have to wait a considerable while longer before the messenger app becomes "active"; then after keying in my password, I have to wait another long time, even when it is all signed in and looks "normal" before I can use Messenger.

    The reason why i find this strange is because I am able to switch between windows and apps immediately by using ALT + Tab and when I shut down I use Ctrl+Alt+Del and then choose the shutdown button. This is because these are immediate, however, if I was to choose the Start\Log off\shutdown path, I would be waiting for about 2 minutes before the option to shut down, log off, or restart would show.

    I would be really grateful if you have any ideas what could be causing this.

    Many thanks

  2. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415


    Have you tried this

    use the add/remove section of control panel to get rid of unwanted programs

    Go into the C: drive and remove any old folders left behind after a bad uninstall

    use a program such as windows washer to remove old temp files and the like
    Clearing the start menu using msconfig (start > run > msconfig, untick items that arent needed at startup.

    Then run defrag.

    Also try using a manufacturers test disk on the HD to test drive stability.

    If the OS has been on a while (say a year or more) and has had a lot of programs added/removed etc then it may be time to do a reinstall.

    Lastly go to the security and the web section of this forum and follow the advice on how to check for spyware/malware/viruses

  3. Fragrant Coit

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    Also, use CTRL/ALT/DEL again, go to Processes and see what - if anything - is using a lot of CPU.

    Sounds like some application {perhaps Malware} is using a lot of resources.
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