Windows XP taskbar question

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Oct 23, 2007
  1. Generally I've had programs that are open appear as buttons on my taskbar, but lately, it's as if they aren't there. In fact, if I minimize them I have no indication that they are even open unless I press Alt and Tab simultaneously. So how can I make these programs show up again?
  2. Daveskater

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    it sounds like a windows component is corrupted or has gone wrong

    try doing a repair install of windows :) what windows version are you using?
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    I'm using XP.
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    What are the programs you are talking about? They could be pushed to the system tray and the far right hand side. Some of them might have options like "Hide to system tray when minimized". Take a look for those.
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  6. jimflint1

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    Well, one of them that used to appear, but now doesn't is WordPerfect. Another is my ISP log on--so that when I minimize it, it vanishes. So I think you're probably right on the "Hide to system tray when minimized", but I never clicked on any options to change it to that, so why would it just start doing it? Anyway, I'm on my work comp and I'll need to check all that when I get home. Thanks!
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