Windows7 Ultimate and Blue screen

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Dec 20, 2009
  1. Hi all, thanks for reading.
    I just recently installed W7 Ultimate and i am really liking it compared to Vista.
    It likes all my programs, found all its own drivers and was really hassle free on install.

    However !

    When i am working on the PC, browsing or doing some photo editing there are no problems, yet when i go to bed or leave the PC for some time, on my return there is a little box telling me windows as recovered from a unexpected shut down.
    The action center tells me windows has blue screened and then recovered and gives me no idea on why it happened.

    Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution.

    All updates are installed and virus scans checked, etc so dont know what to try next.

    A quick browse of the net suggested disabling all addons in IE8, so i did that, went to the cinema to see Avatar (WOW) came back and windows has again recovered from a shut down,

    I have been in for 2 hours now working on this PC with no problems ?

    Please help lol


  2. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,657   +1,095

    Does your PC automatically go to sleep/stand by? try changing the settings so that it won't. windows 7 sometimes has a problem when resuming from sleep/stand by (it happens from time to time on my laptop - but it stopped after i made all the windows updates - not sure if the updates are actually the ones that helped).
  3. vale46

    vale46 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 160

    My Pc is set to never switch off or sleep !

    Because windows cant tell me what causes it, it will be a real pain back tracking device drivers etc when all are up to date !

    I thought it was too good to be true an OS just working out of the box so to speak.

    Here we go again, with the process of elimination !!!!

    Instead of MS making new OS why dont they just pour their (our) money into into just ONE system that just works !?

    I can see why Mac's are so popular despite their price, but i guess you get what you pay for eh !

    Cheers for the input. ;)
  4. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,657   +1,095

    It might also be something you installed. (bad drivers/software) Do you have a printer or something similar?
    Until SP1 comes out, Windows 7 will have a few annoying bugs and let's not forget that it's only a few months old. Even Apple has these kinds of problems when they release a new OS.

    Try running chkdsk to see if there are any problems. (google for details)
  5. vale46

    vale46 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 160

    Thanks Puiu, i have updated all the drivers i can find, I went into device manager and just updated all drivers, 99 percent told me i had the latest drivers, the only one that updated was my ATI Radeon graphics card driver.

    Left PC running all night doing a Memtest and woke this morning with it still running and NO blue screen so i will now leave it running doing nothing and see if that also work. If so, i guess it was the Radeon card drivers.

    Fingers crossed, i will post back in a few hours.

    thanks again ;)
  6. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Posts: 551   +26

    I had/have the same problem...i had to install new drivers for the ethernet, graphics card and all audio devices...and then i had to run "chkdsk /r" and so on.....
  7. vale46

    vale46 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 160

    Hi all, this is just a calrification of a result ! yes a result witin a Micosoft product lol

    My blue screen shut downs were defintately caused by driver issues.

    The culprit was my Radeon graphics card driver, once updated my pc hasnt blue screened since.

    Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Puiu for your help.

    Merrry xmas, best wishes.

  8. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,657   +1,095

    Glad to be of help.

    PS: it's best to update your win7 drivers and also apply the updates microsoft has for win7 from time to time as they still are buggy. Everything should settle down in a year or if we're lucky during summer.(the drivers and windows7 in general should be a lot more stable then)
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