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Aug 10, 2007
  1. Help!
    I have a Sony Vio laptop with XP Pro OS. I am the only user on this machine and have never set up any login and password (to my knowledge) I tried to use my Wify capability within an open source. After that unsuccesful try I keep seeing a widows login and password screen, but I have no login name or password (as far asa I know) How can I fix this issue without reloading the software and losing important information and software on the machine?
  2. raybay

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    Have you tried using a regular Windows XP disk in repair mode? I don't think the Sony VAIO recovery disc will work in repair mode. We have had success using repair mode to fix these problems which seem to be related in some way to the various VAIO machines.
    If the drive is like three years old, it could be the early part of a drive failure.
  3. kerschbh

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    Thank's for the suggestion. I am able to boot into safe mode by hitting the F8 key repeatitly, but I always get the window login window and can't get passed it. I have the 7 disc Vaio recovery set, but afraid to use it for fear I will lose all my data. I also have a winXP recovery set from my HP machine. Any more suggestions?
  4. raybay

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    You will definitely lose your data if you use the VAIO 7-disc recovery set... but I fear your hard drive is bad. Suggest you have somebody who has the equipment look at it, or put the drive into a desktopy machine jumpered as a slave so you can use recovery software or drag-and-drop to save your data.
    The HP disc will not work. Do you have friends with WXP discs from Microsoft... one of those, if not and OEM set, will allow you to test or run Repair.
  5. BlameCanada

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    Have you tried entering : administrator as the name,and leaving the password blank ?

    Or have i missed something here ?
  6. kerschbh

    kerschbh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank's Canada!
    It worked!!!!!
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