Wiping XP Operating system and other questions

By room237
Sep 24, 2006
  1. XP Operating system

    I cannot find anything on here to post new threads?
    I have a problem . Some time ago i had to replace the Hard drive on one of my P.C's I aquired an original Operating system from the net Windows professional.
    I installed it after fitting the hard drive and all went ok however I then had a problem with the laptop i had and lost all the info on it when something happened to the hardrive in that. Thinking i could use the Professional set up disc i had already used on my other P.C i set about wiping out the other operating system on my lap top. I had no choice but to do this as i did not have any emergency discs to get the laptop going. I loaded in the disc, and once this was done i contacted Microsoft to tell them what i had done and that i wanted another Key code to so that i could register the p.c. However once i had given them all the details they wanted i was told that the Operating system i had aquired was an OEM version, they then told me that they would not give me a new code as this disc was not for the P.C it was intended and that it was only to be used on the P.C it was sold with. So i have a big problem now and that is i cannot use the laptop on line as it keeps asking me to register this operating system but i cannot as i do not have another key?
    Is there anyway i can completely wipe the system without having to install this disc to do it.
    I was given a pirated version and i did try it but i keep getting the error the operating system you are trying to load is older than the one already installed.
    I do not want to go out and buy another operating system as this is totally ridiculous as i have already paid out for Windows Professional which i did get quite cheap £100.00. and it is original.
    Is there any way to wipe the harddrive without using the Windows Ops Disc to do it? I have reloaded the disc back into the laptop and it states that i have 50 days to go until registering this product. Any help please (Newbie)
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    To create a new thread, go to the forum your post is going to be about, and then in the white frame look in the top left corner, and then down a bit. There is a BIG blue button that says New Thread, Click that.

    (for those of you confused as to how he managed to create this without knowing how, I moved it out of a thread he replied in).

    As to your other problem. Why don't you have the disk that originally worked on that laptop?

    You can format the hard drive from the XP disks you have now during setup.
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    good for you :)

    Give you a tip on customer service ... if you don't like the person's attitude OR
    you think the answer you got was fair, wait 10 minutes and CALL AGAIN.

    Specifically in this case, just act as if this is your first call, tell'm you need
    a key to register (which will likely cost you some $$), and don't provide
    any more information (ie: less is more here--they just don't need to know).

    If they pressure you for 'where you got the cd', ... it's from a friend that
    wanted to help me get my data back.

    Clearly the OEM stuff doesn't matter as it's running (so far). if it does,
    you can always download from the vendor's site later.
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