Wireless capability keeps turning off

By big_eric ยท 56 replies
Apr 7, 2011
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  1. Ruth in NJ

    Ruth in NJ TS Member

    A great BIG thank you to Eric for solving this problem. Like so many of the commentators, I too have had this problem for many months with my ASUS K72J. Very annoying, but not anymore. Yea for all of us!
  2. Brometheus

    Brometheus TS Rookie

    Posted by Big Eric: So wrapping things up my Wireless Console 3 has some sort of glitch in it that tells me my LAN is off when I come out of sleep mode or when I start my computer but the graphical representation shows that its on. So all I did was UNINSTALL the Wireless Console 3 Utility and it seems to have fixed the issue. (I did try and reinstall the Utility to see if it fixed itself and found that it didn't, I got the same problem)

    I have a similar issue with my Wi-Fi connectivity. I haven't been able to locate Wireless Console 3 on my ASUS and don't know where to look. I searched through my entire control panel but it wasn't coming up. I'd love to know the quickest way to access Wireless Console 3 so that I might uninstall it. Thanks!
  3. Ruth in NJ

    Ruth in NJ TS Member

    Brometheus, look under Programs in the Control Panel. Find the "Wireless Console 3" and uninstall it.
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  4. Brometheus

    Brometheus TS Rookie

    Thanks! So far, so good...when I restarted, the wireless router was not coming on, but after a quick troubleshooting session, it came back on.

    The only reason I am still concerned is that the troubleshooting program has SOMETIMES worked perfectly and turned the wireless adapter back on, and sometimes not. It's been about 50/50, with a slight advantage to failed troubleshooting after system reboots.

    I did go back into my troubleshooting history and pasted the reports of a successful troubleshoot and a failed troubleshoot onto separate word documents. If it would be helpful, I can upload these reports and see if there is an obvious solution. For me, finding the report is about the limit of my expertise; I am not sure where to start as far as interpreting these reports.

    Thank you, Ruth! We'll see if the next reboot yields further difficulties.
  5. HowellD

    HowellD TS Rookie

    Thank you so much. Have had a continual issue with this on a 5 mo old Asus. Uninstalled the Wireless Console 3 software, rebooted and voila, instantly connected to my wireless.
  6. Ari Christian

    Ari Christian TS Rookie

    Thanks so much Big Eric, I wanna cry and shout now... because I've struggled already in 3 days to solve this problem, I tried to look on Google but no one can help except you. I thought this is a virus or malware, I didn't know that the culprit was Wireless Console 3, now I have uninstalled it and my WiFi turns on again...
    (the problem persisted after I recently make my laptop sleep)

    BTW I wanna ask is it good to uninstalled it, I mean, does it affected another thing in future?
    I use asus N56VZ
  7. JDan_

    JDan_ TS Rookie

    I just registered on this site to say thanks to you Big Eric. I've been struggling with this issue ever since I bought my Asus N53SM-ES72 (April 2012, for almost 18 months!). I googled countless times for a solution, I even asked Asus, downloaded new drivers, changed configuration settings, etc. with no luck.
    I just can't believe Asus didn't tell me (or thousands of other users who asked) to uninstall Wireless Console 3.
    This is a huge breakthrough, if anything stopped me from fully loving my Asus was this EXTREMELY annoying issue of wireless randomly shutting down.
    Huge thanks man.
  8. hmgosling

    hmgosling TS Rookie

    Hi I have purchased an Asus R701V M series and am having the same irritating problem. I have looked in program files and cannot find wireless console 3 software. Could it be something else causing this problem? Apologies if this is a stupid question.
  9. Kris Eastman

    Kris Eastman TS Rookie

    It should be in the "Add and Remove" programs.
  10. sachin.nature

    sachin.nature TS Rookie

    Thanks a lot Eric!!:D
    It was driving me crazy...
  11. B3nji

    B3nji TS Rookie

    I registered to say thanks Big E - I have an Asus x54c and it's been turning off my wifi for at least 6 months and could never fix the problem.
    Uninstalled Wireless console 3, and fixed!
    You are a god.
  12. drocco21

    drocco21 TS Rookie

    Eric = Genius! Thanks, this has been such an annoyance :)
  13. paulaker

    paulaker TS Rookie

    I have an N76V Asus running Win 7 professional 64 bit and have the same problem. Pressing Fn F2 rarely has been more than a momentary fix, after I see the clean wireless signal bars as often as not they will revert to no wireless again before I can even activate any wireless using program. Sometimes you will need to press Fn F2 a dozen times to get it to switch the wireless on. Sometimes, strangely, pressing switch off wireless will switch it on, whereas switching on wireless is usually unsuccessful. The only thing that has worked consistently has been full wireless network diagnostics which eventually recommends turning the wireless on, and after acceptance does so, usually it stays on then. I am surprised that Asus has not issued a fix for this problem by now, at least 2.5 years after such a widespread, annoying and time consuming problem came to light. Thank-you Eric, I shall try uninstalling Wireless Console 3.
  14. devilsurf

    devilsurf TS Rookie

    Eric, you are amazing. This wifi radio off problem has plagued my Asus N61jv for months. I finally came up with a work around with a usb WiFi (it would turn off too, but I could turn it back on), but your solution is 10 times better. Two thumbs up (y)(y)
  15. chrismedoc

    chrismedoc TS Rookie

    I have an ASUSX53E too and recently had the same problem. I saw on this forum the solution to delete the Asus wireless Console 3, I uninstalled it and no longer have the problem . My only concern is why it was installed in the first place and what have I lost by uninstalling ? But thanks especially to BigEric for apparently proposing this solution.
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  16. Aratai

    Aratai TS Rookie

    Hello everybody. I have an Znote 6314W an Atheros AR5008X. I have tried everything all you people are suggesting. Sleep options, wireless softwere, firewall.... Nothing helps. My wireless adapter works fine when there is a low connection but when there is a lot of data flowing in then it shuts down so I have to click the button shut and open again so it will work again. I mean it works fine, it could even work for couple of hours but just as I said until it gets heavy. I checked many forums and everybody suggest either energy options to buying a new laptop. Maybe I will someday buy a new one but until then I REALLY WANT TO SOLVE THIS!! I want to know what is wrong....suggestions? Proffessional suggestions?
  17. Ashcomp

    Ashcomp TS Rookie

    Well guys, here's an alternative view.
    ASUS X5DC with a fresh installation of Windows 7. The problem was, like the rest of you, the wifi was NOT switching on when the machine was booted.
    The resolution? You guessed it, INSTALL the Wireless console 3.
    So don't go dissing the ASUS software, because installing it might work for some people rather then uninstalling it :eek:)
    PCs, eh? LOL
    I only post this in case it helps someone else in the same predicament as me. Like everyone, it was driving me nuts!!
  18. Nanvic

    Nanvic TS Rookie

    Eric, thanks so much for this solution! This has been driving me crazy since I purchased my laptop two years ago. Really appreciate your help!!
  19. Farkie

    Farkie TS Rookie

    Thanks so much big_Eric for sharing your solution to this issue that had me pulling my hair out and wanting to toss my Asus K53tk off of my balcony. Tried everything short of blowing the laptop up. When I found your post containing the solution to my issue I found salvation. Thanks so much for posting this fix. Glad I found it before it drove me to madness and an extended stay at an asylum.

    You are the man big_Eric!!!!!!!

    Thank YOU!
  21. On my computer, Wireless Console 3 is found in the ASUS Utilities program
  22. Eric - you saved me from trashing my computer. Thank you!
  23. JDan_

    JDan_ TS Rookie

    Hey! I came back to say thanks to Big Eric again! This is definitely a major contribution and a must read thread for ASUS Laptop owners having problems with wireless connectivity.
  24. A big thanks to you for posting the solution to that issue!
  25. samozau

    samozau TS Rookie

    Thank you big eric uninstalled wireless console 3 and wireless is back after reboot!

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