Wireless connection mising after reset

By mountainfire816
Mar 19, 2006
  1. I Have a dell inspiron laptop with a WRT54GX2 router. My problem is I tried to change my password with the router and then it said dns error so then i clicked repair. It would connect me to my neighbor's router so when I would type my password in and connect to mine it would take a while then it would be on and then it would come up my neighbor's router. So then I Did a reset on the router and now when it is on mine it only goes 11.0mbps and I used to go 54mbps and then sometimes I look on the view available wireless networks and it says unsecured wireless network linksys and that is my neighbor's one so I don't know what to do.
  2. Nodsu

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    When you do a factory reset on the router, it disables the wireless IIRC. You have to reconfigure the router using a wired connection.
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