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Sep 1, 2009
  1. Hello, I hope you can solve my problem.
    I am having trouble printing from my wireless notebook, to my network printer.
    I have a HP Pavilion notebook model# ZV5000. I have the Windows XP OS. I have the HP Officejet 5610 All-IN-One Printer. I have a Linksys G2.4 GHZ router. The system type is X86-based PC.
    I have followed the directions for the Print Wizard. I have tried a Flash Drive, a USB cable and the start up disk to locate the printer from the network to the wireless notebook, all to no avail. I've downloaded the print driver on my notebook,and also checked the print spooler.
    I've tried to connect the notebook to the printer by a direct cable line, with no luck.
    The desktop computer, is directly connected to the printer, and has no problem printing. The printer is set to "Share this printer". The printer icon on my notebook was shared, but I changed that to do not share to see if this was the problem. I temporarily disconnected my firewall to allow the print wizard to try to connect. All with no luck.
    I would appreciate any other solutions to try. Thank you.
  2. jobeard

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    first, enable the system firewall and on the exception tab, enable Print/File Sharing

    now on the laptop, access any shared folder on the desktop; this is a prerequisite
    to getting Print Sharing to work.
  3. teachme1

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    Jobeard, thanks for getting back to me.
    I did enable the firewall and the print/file share tab.
    Now on accessing any shared folder on the desktop. Can you give me a more detailed overview on this point? The only shared document/folder on my desktop were for music and pictures. How do I access? Please advise. Thank you.
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,177   +990

    not clear: can you open the shared folder and see the content?

    if so, then on the The desktop computer, set the printer to SHARED

    on the laptop, use the Control Panel -> Printer & Faxes -> add printer
    and click Network Printer attached to another Computer
    find the device and select it
  5. chrome009

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