Witnesses testify under oath during congressional hearing on UFOs

None of them could provide indirect evidence. Till then - it's rumor, stuff taken with salt. Let them toss the evidence.
True. At present, there is no possibility of proof that conforms to the rigors of science - unless they actually have a downed vehicle or alien bodies that they are willing to release to the general public.
This seems like a giant distraction.
According to them, it represents a safety threat to aviation if not a US National Security issue. Personally, I find both of those reasons relatively laughable because there is literally nothing humanity can do about it.

Never the less, "Inquiring minds want to know" ;) - including all the people who claim to have seen these anomalous phenomena.
I will not believe any of this until the tic-tac uap has landed on my lawn, then releases its deadly payload... an alien bacterial aerosol.
In my dying breath, "Now that's some sh***."
No one is claiming it is not from Earth. What they are saying is that they know of no Earthly technology that can do the sort of things they observed. There is nothing fake about that when there is hard evidence - radar traces, camera footage, etc, from multiple sources. There's a big difference between claiming its not from Earth and saying No known technology on Earth can do what they observed.
I agree with you but saying it is no known technology on Earth is saying the UFOs are made using alien intelligence. They are obviously based somewhere on earth, but the science is far beyond ours. Skeptics are just mindlessly bound to their narrow view.
I saw something over down town Iowa City one time -- just a vague blurry disk of some kind, as I was driving past. It brightened somewhat, and my radar detector showed K, KA, Ku, and X band contact (no laser), then went dead. I was like "Those aliens bastards better not have burned out my radar detector!" About 2 blocks later, the thing flipped back on like nothing had happened. Definitely odd. Aliens or not, it should be troubling at least if these whatever can knock out FLIR, radar, and onobard weapons systems.

(I note here, there's a report from.. I was thinking 1980s but per Google 1976.. of an Iranian fighter jet being sent out to engage an unidentified object, having their communications shut down, then when they went to fire some cruise missiles at the object, having those systems go down too... all coming back up when they got further away from the object.)
Most UFO have had much better analysis when in public domain - and can be explained by known stuff
sometimes people see what they want to see
Just as some people don't want to be confused by facts. Other countries are more open about it, France is one of the countries most open about them.