WOF: Do you provide tech support to friends and family?



This is a pretty hilarious video


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I'm constantly providing tech support to family and friends. Thankfully I have remote desktop for those long distance fixes... The ones that live close get a personal drop in visit.
st1ckm4n said:
Recently a girl came to me saying her LAN adapter won't work. It was confirmed faulty, and she had to find a wireless connection to use internet. A couple of days later, she comes to my room, saying "I went to electronics store to buy an adapter so my LAN would work, but I can't take off the back of my laptop." I had no idea what she meant, but I went to investigate. I first asked to look at what she actually bought - it was a PCI expansion card! Her reply was "oh no I'm such a noob!!" :D
Love it! rofl


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"It's against the law to own two computers" :) Overcharge to keep *****s off the internet.... Doesn't work all the time because I still see them on.

I provide support all the time, the use of remote support (Teamviewer is the tops!) helps like crazy. I love fixing computers. I don't ask for payment at all, if you want, you can otherwise I just here to help. The missus could have SUPER slow performance and won't say a peep. I got on and this thing was running like a dog and I asked her why didn't she say anything...

"Because I knew you were busy with helping other people with their computers, I didn't want to bother."

She's a keeper;) Anyway, I love to help. It's all experience and it's fun. The only folks I charge of folks family refer to me. P.S. HIren Boot CDs and Avast FTW! Anyone else use Hiren?


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Yes of course.
For family and close friends i do it free.
For others i charge them a little XD


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I do it, most don't pay and I don't expect it. I get plenty of non-tech favors when I need them so I see it as fair game. Plus anytime I help my grandmother with anything she dumps her bank account on me even if its just hooking up a DVD player (I'd give it back but she seriously gets more angry about not giving the money).


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I wouldn't say it's the lack of payment that bugs me, because I don't mind helping out. It's the frequency and type of calls.

It can get a bit frustrating when a perfectly capable human refuses to takes the initiative of Googling something very simple like renaming an icon or installing an instant messenger -- and if you do it once, they'll never hesitate to call again.

Worse, as many have illustrated, they often forward their friends and friends of friends... and friends of friends of friends. Before you know it you get a call every week about the taskbar being moved or how the "blue e" won't let them get online.

Imagine if the situation were reversed and one of us called them about similarly trivial problems (granted, these computer issues may not seem small to them). I have to wonder how they'd handle a weekly call about spilled orange juice.

There is a bright side to helping with every single minor issue: they don't have the opportunity to make things worse.


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yes, ofc
do my best
only for the exp
fujitsu bring me on my knees - but next time(in a day) ill broke there cockpit and ill pull everithing from the inside to the public
so i skiped some bad words for all the companies and there bad practice (and lack of support)

i need to thanks to HP - they have great support on 32bit

years ago i got one of the first chipsets thats hold 8gb ram with quad cpu supported
but i was forced from HP to return in 32bit (x86) cos of lack of drivers (and CREATIVE to be honest)

now, i cant buy anything from HP

for me the "word is SUPPORT


From my side, yes all my family from my mother side and my father side are depending on me because I'm only who studied the IT Major and I'm only who like doing an adventure with computer and following latest technologiest.


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Only if they are using Ubuntu. I do not support them if they want to use Windows, besides all they have to do is re-install the OS every few months.


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I'm still in college learning about computers, so I welcome the experience. My cousin a car dealer asked me if I would design a website for him, I was thinking what the hell?! He said he would pay me, I told him I barely know the basics of website design and changed the subject :). Other then that I have never been offered money from my family to fix there computers, but I am more then happy too.


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Support? It's almost like an ad honorem part-time job the thing I have with my family and friends... I love it but I'm getting kinda tired though.


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Yes because I'm another one of those who belong to a family that forgets even how to cut and paste -- except my nephew who is at least a whiz at software but should never open a computer, ever.

I love it when they don't listen because they know they can get a "deal" on a new system only to discover the system just isn't performing like they thought and thus are forced to ask questions they should have asked in the beginning.

I especially love it when silence decends upon the room when I tell them I could have built them a system more powerful at half the cost.


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It's a great hobby for us retired folks.
I only charge for hardware.
Keeps me pretty busy with family, friends, neighbors, etc.
It keeps me busy and my mind active and always learning new stuff.
I especially enjoy telling the widows that I only accept "Hugs and Kisses" as payment .... that gets me some really funny responses .... I used the same line on a guy once and after looking at me for a second, he called my wife over.


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Funny story - or an extremely annoying one depending on your angle..

My dad took some convincing to eventually move from Windows ME to Windows XP. When I did it for him it took about 8 hours to do the install, transfer over the all the files then "Dad-proof" it so everything had shortcuts on the desktop etc and he could find anything.

Anyway he had a minor problem with it and I don't live with my parents so for some reason he decided to ring Dell support instead of bothering me with a short phone call. The Indian gentlemen on the phone told him to put the restore disk in which he did and my 8 hours of work was completely ruined and Windows ME was back on the machine.

Turned out the "problem" was that the internet was not automatically dialling when he clicked on Internet Explorer. A shortcut on the desktop for the diallup connection would have taken me 10 seconds :)

That was the last time my parents did anything other than call me directly when they have an issue.