WOF: What was the first graphics card you ever owned?


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2MB S3 Trio :)
So how many other than me and this guy remember the days when the resoutions/color modes available to you were determined by how much RAM you had on your graphics card?

This thread makes me feel old. lol
Likewise :) And DOS configurations to make different games work. Ahh himem.sys!
This has blown a few cobwebs out of the ol' memory banks - my DX50 was such a gun machine in its day lol


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The first for me was
MsiI Geforce 8800 512mb
Msi Geforce 9600 GT 512 mb
Msi Geforce 9800 1gig
2x Msi 4870 1gig Cyclones Crossfired
2x Msi Radeon 5870 1gig Croossfired
Last but not least is
2x Msi Radeon 6950 2cig Crossefired with unlocked shaders an clocks.
As you cam see, I'm a great Msi Fan.


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For the first PC I owned there is no graphic card at all. It is Pentium III powered PC with Windows 98. I Played Dangerous Dave, Super Mario, Claw, and some Macromedia Flash games (with lag).

For the next PC which I built myself , I used nVidia Geforce 8400GS and Intel Core 2 Duo. I played following games in it.

Need For Speed Most Wanted, Carbon
Age of Empires
GTA Vice city


Not sure if we are talking 2d or 3d here, but anyway here we go.

2d - Trident 8900 1mb ISA

3d - Voodoo 2 8mb (cannot remember the brand)


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The first one for me was the Nvidia 7300 GT,

Nvidia 8600 GT 512mb
AMD Radeon HD4870 1GB
Nvidia GTX 680 :)


PCI, VGA, ATI, .... :))) newbies.... IF we confine to "IBM" tech (no apple, appleII, or really strange stuff like Altair)... then you gotta start with the MDA - 40x80 TEXT only (graphics - what the ($&# are graphics). Coupled with the SOTA display tech - you got (ouu-ahh, wow) green or amber.

Then (GASP) there was the Herc MDA, then the CGA (wow 16 blazing colors...). Those were, of course BIT Mapped (leastways programming "graphics" was a LOT easier.... justa peeking and a'pokin :) ) we used the MIGHTY ROM BASIC.... ("c" what the (&$( is "C")

THEN came the MIGHTY EGA (AND OF COURSE the cosmic PC/AT - 80286 @ 8 MHz - hot-rodded to 10 with a new "crystal" - ummm I still have mine - could not bear to part with it...) , with it's whopping (WITH add-on daughter card and the body part of your choice) 256K of memory..... Thing got hot then.... 30MB hard drives, 640K base memory and expansion cards for "extended" memory... HOT DAMN we were bad!!!

BTW - we also had to walk to school, 10 miles, uphill each way, in the snow, with no.....
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nVidia Riva TNT 16MB (still works)
nVidia GeForce4 4200 Ti 64MB (died)
ATI Radeon 9600 256MB (died)
ATI Radeon X1950 GT 512MB (from Palit, great card!, sold it)
ATI Radeon 4830 512MB + arctic cooling until now


If I had to go that far back then we are into the first PC's Built
forget about color - how about black & white
the first PC I owned only had 4K or ram no floppy only tape drive & onboard video

I know the first addin card I had was a hercules - Black & white

then CGA then EGA - then VGA
And of course writing my own device drivers to run the card (to get advanced resolutions not supported)

IV had s3 verge,Trident Matrox,geforce2 and a gambit for ATI and Nvidia cards after that


Trident 9850 with 1 mb DRAM, later a voodoo banshee 3d monstar, first AGP card with 16 mb... nice....


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Had an S3 something with my P-133 which I then upgraded to an S3 Virge.
Was off the scene till I got a P4 with a GF2-MX, then:
ATI 9800 pro
GF 6600
GF 8800 GTS 320
GF 8800 GT
GF 9600M
GF 260 215
GF 480
GF 580 x2
GF 555M
GF 670
GF 680
GF 660M
GF 690x2
GF 650Mx2
GF 640 for HTPC after an ATI crap from the 5000 series


S3 Virge 4MB
3DFX Voodoo 2
S3 Savage 4 32MB
Geforce 4 MX 440
Geforce FX5200
Geforce FX5900
Geforce 8800 384MB
Geforce 8800 512MB
Geforce GT? 9800
Geforce GTS 250
Geforce 8600 - Don't ask, it was a spare...
Geforce GTX 560Ti

That's about it...