WOF: What was the first graphics card you ever owned?


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Matrox Mystique (Tomb Raider was a different game!)

3DFX Voodoo1 (I forget the make)

Voodoo Banshee (This was one of my favourites)

Voodoo 5 (Seeing a trend here?)

GeForce 3 (Switched to nVidia finally)

GeForce 6600 (this one caught fire)

GeForce 7900

GeForce 9800

GeForce 460

Time for a new one me thinks...


Kyro2 - probably the only person to ever buy one of these. great cards imho


2000: can't remember the model I was very young
2002:Riva TNT2


Not counting the Commodore VIC chip, it was some VGA card (I don't remember the brand). I do remember my friend had an EGA card and VGA was so much better.


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The first graphics card I actually saved for was a Creative 3D Annihilator 32MB, I believe it was on the GeForce 2 chip. I wanted to play Quake 2 with better rendering than I would have been able to with the crappy card I had prior to that.


3dfx voodoo
3dfx voodoo 3
nvidia riva tnt2
geforce mx 440
ati radeon 7000
geforce 7600gt
geforce 8800gt
geforce 660ti


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3dfx Voodoo 1. I don't remember the details other than it really made Grand Prix Legends run great. And by great, I mean 25 fps instead of 10 or 12, but I was still very impressed.


TSeng Labs ET4000. What that card was able to in does days was unbelievable.


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In my case my first cards were the Radeon 1900XT and 1900XTX in Crossfire mode. They were great...until one of them blew up. I don't know which blew up nor did I have the patience to figure out which. I'm sticking with a single GPU setup from now on.


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My first card was the Club 3D ATI Radeon 9250. It was a good card at it's time and it wasn't expensive. The jump from my extremely bad igp to a full blown card was monumental for me ^_^
After that the next card I owned was the Geforce 6600. Another good card, but when I got it, it kinda was on the lower end of the spectrum already. I still have it in an old PC which my parents use from time to time (it was my last PC, I've been using only laptops for the past 5-6 years), but right now I'm using an laptop with AMD 5650M discrete GPU.

Per Hansson

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Talking about gaming cards I definitely owned an Orchid Righteous 3D II 12MB (3Dfx Voodoo2)
I may have owned a Voodoo 1 before that but my memory fails me, it was afterall not yesterday :D

I have no idea what 2D video card I had it paired with, but my interest in that back then and now is very low ;)
Much later in January 2001 I bought a Voodoo 5 5500 AGP from outpost.com, now frys.com.
This was a big deal for me way back then doing international shopping, I was not even old enough to have a VISA card at the time so had to borrow my mothers :)
I bought the Voodoo5 over competitors cards because Glide was still big back then, and the uncertain future for 3Dfx made their prices very competitive, I only paid $200 for the card...
Since I started working with Techspot at around the same time doing reviews and articles the list of cards after this is too long to post. But a couple years ago my interest waned due to the lack of (in my eyes) evolution in the PC gaming scene.
So my current card is actually a nVidia 8800GTS 512MB that I bought over 5 years ago!
To this day I still have fond memories of 3Dfx and their Voodoo cards, I still from time to time think about 3Dfx and actually do miss them...
I even bought the MAC version of the Voodoo5 PCI a few years ago to have in a retro gaming system (flashed it with a PC BIOS, it then offers DVI out which is not on the PC version)
Sadly I seem to have misplaced that card because I can't find it anymore :(


My first video card was a Guillemot Maxi Gamer Phoenix, 16MB, Voodoo Banshee


My first 3D card was a Diamond Monster 3D add-in card which I still have. I also have an Intergraph Reactor 3D card with 4 megs of VRAM!


If I remember correctly my first 286 came with an EGA card
My first 3rd party card was an ISA from Boca Research...I think....around '88 maybe.
First VLB card was an Orchid in '93 or '94.
First PCI was a ! MB Matrox Millenium (might still have it in a box somewhere)


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NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
Driver: nv4_mini.sys
Friday, May 16, 2008
I played Call of Duty , Medal of Honor and Battlefield on it.