Workings of an AMD?

By Rory7 · 5 replies
Apr 6, 2004
  1. Hi, i have little knowledge of how AMD processors operate, meaning fsb speeds ect. I know pentium has 533 (B) and 800 (c) what are the AMD equivilants? Also what are these nforce 2 and 3. Just basically need filling in on them, probably swich to AMD on my next big upgrade.


  2. Raiders

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    From what i have read,,P4's are more or lless for Raw- Hoarsepower,While AMD provides More Thouroput<:/splckc,,
    i.e,L1&L2 Cache through the roof! supplying a FSB of 400mhz.
    nforce2&3 are The equilivent of the "Northwood"
    Meaning, (IMO)with the AMD you dont need Super High-end Memory.asTo keep up with the 533 and 800mhz FSB of the P4.

    Just my take,,P4=Pure power,AMD=Graceful Hoarsepower
  3. Moimit

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    well you will probly notice that your temps may rise but its all for the greater good. and yeah the amd chips somehow havent yet broken even the 2.6ghz marker but they seem to compete fully with the pentuims. if you want good game speed go with the amd chips as they are cheaper and more effiecient. but if you do any video editing i would stay with pentuims. and with nforce just stay away from nforce3 and you should be ok. the main problem with it is that the agp bridge had some major problems. stick with nforce 2 or maybe even via pt800. they are both good chipsets. are you going to go 64bit?. if so go with the via chipset. just my $0.02
  4. Rory7

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    Thanks for the info. So 400fsb is the AMD equivilant of the Canterwood? I understand also that the AMD does more cycles per second to reach speeds that compete with the P4. I wont be going 64bit, no point to waste needless money just yet, none of the games are really 64bit and thats all i do on my pc. Prices are very good too, £55 for a barton 2500+! i payed somthing like 150-170 for my p4 2.6b last year. AMD should be able to keep up with Pentium gaming wise yes? When i say gaming im not a gaming freak that needs an Extreme Edition or FX 51 i just mean upper end AMD/Pentium like 3gig/3.2gig or 3000+/3200+ ect.
  5. SNGX1275

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    No. Cycles/Sec=Hz so just tack on that G to Hz for GHz and you can see that Intel has a higher cycle/sec speed (clock speed). Current AMDs are doing more work per cycle than Intel to be able to compete.
  6. Rory7

    Rory7 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 119

    ah. Thanks for the correction.
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