worms everywhere!!

By Stormy_
Feb 27, 2005
  1. Boy do I need help lol...i have had a day ....end result after running norton adaware and spybot and them all saying nothing wrong, I found and downloaded spyware cop......the list seemed like it would never stop. I have both the "my doom b" and "w32 netsky" worms. I have numerous trojans and malware. About every 5 minutes norton gives me a popup telling me he has detected and removed 2 virus's....same files all the time....trojan dropper and the trojan downloader. I have an idea where i might have gotten this attack but thats not my problem at the moment. I have ran 2 tools said to remove these individualy. the f my doom.exe and the FxNetsky.exe but neither have fixed it. I was about to go into safe mode and try, when I thought I would stop by and ask if there was anything else i needed to do while in safe mode. I understand the less rebooting the better. Well I'm hoping someone is up and around to see my post...ill wait here a bit and read some more posts....thank you )
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    if you are running Win ME or XP you have to disable system restore before running the removal tools then reboot and re enable system restore.
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