Worst game ever?

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Mar 25, 2002
  1. StormBringer

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    That's odd, though very typical of Gamespot, seems the only games they ever like are racing and FPS games. But what is odd is I thought Arcanum had won some awards. As for washed out graphics? its graphics are as good as DII, and for the bad gameplay, only if you try to switch between realtime and turnbased. I only used realtime combat and it was very good.

    Most of the bugs they mentioned in that review have since been patched and the sequence of quests bug isn't a bug, there are just some quests that have to be done before others or else you can't do certain things. In all honesty, I doubt the reviewer spent more than a few minutes playing the game, if he had he would have been unable to stop playing it and would probably still be there now.
  2. Demiurg

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    It sounds interesting. I'll check it out. Oh - one more question: does it support high resolutions or is it 640x480 only?
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