Would you pay $475 for an NFT ticket to see Beeple's $69 million NFT in person?


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WTF?! Most average people remain confused over NFTs, finding the concept harder to understand than cryptocurrency—something else many non-technical types are bewildered by. No doubt adding to the confusion is the ability to buy a $475 NFT ticket to see, in real life, the most expensive non-fungable token ever sold.

Crypto fund Metapurse’s Dreamverse festival, being held at Terminal 5, New York City this November 4, includes a gallery featuring work from over 150 artists in an "interactive digital art experience." The work will be displayed through installations, large screens, and virtual reality booths.

The highlight of the festival is its afterparty. In addition to being headlined by the DJ Alesso, it will feature the inaugural display of the most expensive NFT sold to date—Beeple’s $69 million "Everydays: The First 5000 Days."

Obviously, you can look at Beeple’s work on anything with screen and online connection, but partygoers will be viewing the only authentic copy of the image, owned by Metapurse. It’s being projected on a bespoke three-story-tall hybrid physical and digital structure, too. Some might argue this is akin to seeing an original piece of art in person as opposed to looking at an online picture, though that’s debatable.

Tickets for entry into the gallery alone cost $30. Those wanting to attend the afterparty and see Beeple’s piece will have to pay between $150 to $175, and there are some NFT tickets priced between $475 and $600; these black and white digital tickets change color when scanned at the entrance. If you’re rich enough that money has lost all meaning, a VIP ticket costs $2,500.

While the popularity of NFTs seems to be waning, last week saw a set depicting cartoon apes sell for $24.4 million at Sotheby’s.

Want to save money? Here's Beeple's "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" in its entirety.

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There are stupid people that pay for stupid stuff. Price on art is just fabricated to help rich people stay rich.

Oh...this painting is rare so we'll just say it's worth $25 million dollars. Need a hefty tax write off? Just donate that piece of art that has some made up monetary value and bam! Tax write off, bItches!

What a joke. Why the hell would anyone want to do this?


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Price on art is just fabricated to help rich people stay rich.
What? No. Art and other "collectables" be they star wars toys or beanie babies may have prices that are irrational to many but they are based on a willing buyer and seller for nonpractical reasons. However, this is not proof of a vast conspiracy of the rich.

The rich have compounding interest on their sides, they don't need to waste time with conspiracies.

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Bizarre behaviors.

Take a snap shot of your home. Turn it into a NFT. Sell it. Then walk out of your home and look at it and consider how smart you are to get paid for what you see for free every day.
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Suckers, the whole lot of them.