WoW is running slowly

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Feb 26, 2007
  1. I've been playing WoW for over a year with no lag issues and then just recently I started lagging whenever I'm outdoors. I tried turning down everything in Video Options (environment detail, etc.) and changing all the settings on my computer (resolution, color quality).

    It just seems to be getting worse. Help!
  2. TimeParadoX

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    Im not a expert on WoW because I dont play it ( My girlfriend is addicted to it though lol )

    Go this this website: and run the test for World of Warcraft

    If you get recommended you system might be running too much programs so go to Ctrl + alt + delete and delete all the useless stuff like MSN, AIM, Itunes or anything you dont need while running games, Also Do Not delete anything under System, Local Service, Network or Taskmgr.exe / Explorer.exe

    If you get a minimum pass then upgrade your system to the stuff it needs ( videocard, RAM or something else like that )

    If you fail do the same for the minimum pass results

    Hope I helped :)

    Also I think since WoW has upgraded so much that some of the new stuff you are seeing is making you lag? ( Like the Blood Elf / Derani home cities have really good graphics and shiney stuff :D )
  3. Lisaa

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    I ran the test and it said my video card doesn't have Hardware Transform and Lighting, which is required to play the Burning Crusade. I would just go ahead and buy a new one if I knew for sure that it would solve the problem.

    I am just wondering why the problem is only occurring now. I've been playing the Burning Crusade since it came out with no lag problems.
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Why not just quit the applications normally, from applications themselves, instead of forcing to kill tasks, causing possible loss of data?
  5. TimeParadoX

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    True Mict, but some programs are running without them actualy... running

    Like if you have Itunes you have a Itunes Helper thing that is in your processes that you cant close normaly so you have to Force it, That's why I tell them just to kill the stuff they KNOW they dont need to run like Itunes or something ;)
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