WRT54G v5 crashes a few times each day

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Aug 14, 2006
  1. It's not the line, if the computer is plugged directly into the modem then it gets a perfect connection without problems. The firmware is updated and I have no firewall running on the test PC.

    If it means anything very commonly before this problem starts you can't ping the router. It's a dead give away that it's going to happen soon. However, you can still view webpages or send files. It's very strange.

    I think the router is getting bogged down and locking up. I've heard that older versions of this router used to store webtraffic for FIVE DAYS which caused problems if you were using the router for high traffic purposes. The older ones would fill up internal memory and lock up. You'd have to reboot them to clear it. However, v5 apparently doesn't do that and it's still locking up. I know routers can get over taxed by instructions...

    So how can I make things easier for the router without reducing my traffic? I sometimes have 10 people FTPing into this site along with all kinds of other stuff going on... there's got to be a way get more out of this thing.

    If not, I'd like a suggestion for a solid router that won't get bogged down by anything I throw at it. Anything under 300 USD if possible...
  2. Nodsu

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    Maybe the router is simply bad? Get it replaced (if under warranty) and see if the problems remain.

    Turn off fancy features like packet filtering, DHCP and uPnP on the router - they are all just more services using up the system resources.
  3. Karmashock

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    do you think that filtering would really do anything?

    All it's doing is blocking a few ports... it's 'firewall' is extremely primative. As to DHCP, I can't turn it off because I have laptops that come and go that need to get online. I don't mind setting static IP's on all my desktops but the laptops need to roam... and I never turned uPnP on...

    I'm kind of surpised this thing can't handle it... I mean it does have a 200 mhz processor in there which is a lot if you consider it's JUST doing traffic routing.
  4. Rick

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    Forget that router - terrible. v5 and v6 are the worst of those.

    As for a suggestion, take that junk back and get something like this:

    ZyXEL X-550

    Most recent Netgear, Linksys, D-link and Belkin routers are pretty sketchy as far as reliability is concerned. I've worked with a lot of the newer ones and it seems there's always a problem with dropped connections or performance. The ZyXEL 550 I set up for my sister-in-law is still kickin' though - and handles P2P traffic very well - I think it will suit your needs.
  5. Karmashock

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    What I'm seeing in these routers is that they work fine so long as you only do web pages and email. But if you start pounding the connection with heavy traffic they all fall appart.

    I believe this is set up intentionally to force you to get their business line products. So I'm trying to figure out exactly what they're lacking that causes the problem. The only major difference I can see is the processor... I know MHz are not an accurate means of judging crossplatform processing power... but I've noticed that most of hte business line routers have 500Mhz and these home routers have around 200MHz. Added to that that the home routers are wireless and encrypting/decrypting signals from laptops.

    Why for example is the ZyXel X-550 a good buy? Personal experence or is there a critical stat I'm missing here.

    I hate products that don't have critical information printed about htem. It makes trying to make an informed purchase almost impossible. It's like if all the PC makers just said "our machine is fast"... instead of telling you what processor it has etc.

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