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Mar 29, 2006
  1. I was wondering, how many of you have hard modded your xbox's? that is actually install a new mod chip into it? I decided to not go that route and soft modded it, using a bug in the game saves of 007: Agent Under Fire, then I installed a 80GB Seagate Hard Drive in it. Its been running smoothly so far and havent had any problems, right now I have about 20 saved games, 10 movies and a crap load of songs on their, with that who needs a 360? hehe Anyone else modded their Xbox?
  2. AtK SpAdE

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    I have installed a mod chip, yes, thankfully it was not in my xbox. After Halo 2 came out, he could not play live. (halo 2 that is)

    It was supposed to allow him to save games to his HDD. Sounded to good to be true. It worked ok, little buggy. Im sure there are better quality (and more expensive) chips out there.

    Now, i have a early model xbox, and it is quite loud (compared to the newer ones) so i swapped out the fan on the exhaust. I also have played with the LED for the power on. I had it blue (to match my skin) but i did not look right (as far as matching the skin) so i soldered on another green LED.

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    yeah I actually forgot to ask the one reason I wanted to know about the actual chips, I was wondering if they copied games over to HD more smoothly, I mean for the most part mine works fine, but there are times when it does freeze during the copying process which causes headache lol
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    It seems to be determined by the amount of money that you put into the chip. I know the guy installed it for still has it and still uses that xbox. I think his load times are sometimes really fast, and other times, really slow.

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    I have also modded my XBox, and it wasn't a solderless job either. I was risking everything, and one tiny twitch could've messed up the entire process. :( Anyway I don't remember what ModChip I used (I'll get back to you on that!) but this is the site I got it from I was also forced into putting in a new HD, so I put in a Western Digital, 7200RPM, 300GB Hard-Drive which still has around 170GB left and there are 26 games loaded on. The newer the XBox version is, the harder it gets, so watch out for that! Continuing on, the 1.5v has four steps, the rest are optional? And I have the 1.6v which has (suprisingly enough) six steps and one optional. There was one main thing I had to watch out for! My HD was at a higher RPM, therefore it has a higher chance of frying the rest of my XBox, so I had to set it so that my fan spins more frequently.
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