Xbox360 VGA cables?

By InsaneVr6
Oct 11, 2008
  1. This could be posted in alot of other threads but i figured the gamers who may browse here might help me out. I am considering buying the VGA cables for the 360 so i can play my 360 through my PC monitor instead of my old TV. I have an Acer 19in LCD widescreen monitor i would like to use as the screen for the 360. There is only one output for VGA on the back of the monitor which goes into my computer...and i need my computer to work without switching VGA cables. Do i need to buy an adapter so i have two VGA ports to my computer?

    Another thing i am concerned about is found in the first review on this site:

    It says that the xbox does not support 1440x900 which is what my 19in is running at. Anyone ever used the VGA cables on a 19in widescreen and had problems? I would like to know before i buy something that won't work with my monitor? I will post more info if needed. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  2. wolfram

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    Well sorry I don't know about the first question, but the New Xbox Experience will bring support for 1440x900 resolution. In the meantime 1024x768 looks real good, even on my 17" CRT.
  3. InsaneVr6

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    Thanks wolfram. I would like to use my 19in widescreen so i can get the hi-def out of my xbox rather than using my 27in tube TV where games dont look too hot. I can wait until November for the New Xbox Experience thats fine with me. Thanks for the help, i just have to figure out if I can use the monitor for my PC and Xbox without swithching cables all the time.
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