Xeon e7-4880v2 on AsRock ep2c602


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So, I'm looking to upgrade CPU's on my asrock ep2c602. Seen e7-4880v2 ES on ebay for quite cheap.

However. my board has c602 chipset, while it is indicated that c602j is needed to support e7 xeons..

Did anyone have any experience with similar situation? Or shoudl I just look at the e5-2680v2 or e5-2660v2 (being most affordable)

Primary purpose is rendering.


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I recommend that both server cpus are nearly in the same price range if you look around the online stores.
I suggest you overclock it to 3.4ghz when you get it the asrock mobo you have should allow you to do that.
Unless they locked out that feature for safety reasons also get the thermal paste I linked you.
If I'm not mistaken it will last a year and keep the server cpu chilled out.


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Thanks, thought I wish I c602 would support e7 cpus. 15core 30 thread.. would give me a nice 30core 60 thread system.. perfect for rendering... else the 10 core 20 thread cpu wil just have to do...

as for overclocking, the board doesn't support it as far as I've seen...

is there anyone else here that played with xeons

Raul Quintero

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Did it work out?

I have a ASRock EP2C602-2TS6/D16 with a pair of xeon E5 2620 and want to upgrade to a pair of E7 2880 v2. Both processors have the same socket (FCLGA 2011). Although AsRock's website states the motherboard can only support "Intel® Xeon® processor E5-1600*/2600/4600 & v2 series".

Could you please help me out.



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Those Xeons - E7 2880 v2 - fit socket 2011-1, also called socket "R". Intel created three different versions of socket 2011 and they are not cross-cpu compatible, each is physically and electrically different.
If you can dig out documentation about the ASrock to confirm it's a "socket R", it should be good. I don't think it will work though, E7's were a narrow product line, they sold well but were priced in the extreme, there just aren't many motherboards to build a dual E7 cpu workstation on.

If it does work, or if you've already got it going congratulations, and it would be great if you posted the info. Thanks!