Xeon E5 2600: Interview with Intel IT's Ajay Chandramouly

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Mar 29, 2012
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  1. Earlier this month, Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture finally made its way to the company's dual- and quad-socket-capable server processors with the new Xeon E5 product family. The launch is very…

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  2. In the story, i don't think this manager is very knowledgeable. For example, when asked about his competition, he said he doesn't use AMD so he doesn't know. How can you successfully manage something without knowing your competition? Intel is better then AMD (for a while now so they must be doing something right) but to ignore the competition sounds like a bad move IMO.
  3. I enjoyed the interview. I think it was a polite way of not commenting on the competition, but it could have been handled differently.
  4. dividebyzero

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    Thanks Guest.
    Ajay Chandramouly's job title (from the article) - "Cloud Computing and Data Center Industry Engagement Manager at Intel IT"
    Why would he need to use/evaluate an Opteron based system? Evaluation of a competitors product is likely done in a R&D lab way before the silicon sees the light of day as a retail product.
    Read and notice Intel's total non-reaction and lack of concern in the months leading up to Bulldozers launch. It's a safe bet that Intel knew of Bulldozers capabilities- or lack of- not long after AMD themselves....if not before.

    As for buying an AMD server setup to compare the relative strengths of the two products, do you think the guys at Ferrari head out and buy a KIA just to make sure that the South Korean's haven't been hiding another 400 BHP from their four cylinder engine ?
  5. These XEON's are great processors and they are priced actually quite competitively. For example the E5-2620 which is a 2.0GHz / 6 Core / 12 Thread / 15MB L3 Cache CPU only costs £300 in the UK. While the cheapest Core i7 2011 CPU that has 6 cores is the 3930K at £440. The 3930K does have a higher stock clock and it also has the ability to overclock but it lacks 3MB of Cache that the E5-2620 has.

    For once the XEON's are very competitive with Intels high end consumer range and I think that's quite good. And of course since these XEON's use the LGA 2011 socket you can actually drop them straight in to any LGA 2011 X79 motherboard. You still won't be able to overclock them (at all not even 100MHz) but you can get yourself a 6 core CPU for £140 cheaper than the i7 version and get a little more cache.
  6. Per Hansson

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    Guest3: How come the Xeon CPU's can't be overclocked in the X79 boards?
    I have a X38 now with a Xeon and I can OC that, I was looking at going to X79 and Xeon, I might wait untill Ivy Bridge though.
    But is it really impossible to OC them?
  7. dividebyzero

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    Short answer is that they can be. X79 would allow for baseclock overclocking as well as multiplier unlocking in some instances. Maybe Guest is getting confused with Xeon E3 ( LGA1155/C202/Z68 etc) which are multiplier locked on a chipset that isn't overly compatible with baseclock oc.
    http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2125317 (E5-2680)
  8. You are obviously unfamiliar with the stories of
    Lamborghini and the Ford GT40.
  9. dividebyzero

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    Nope, but it sounds as you are unfamiliar with automotive lore. The GT40's history is tied to Ferrari...not Lamborghini, and as I recall, the car powered by the industry giant (Ford GT40 Mk.IV) beat the boutique/small manufacturer Ferrari 330 P4's in the one task it was designed for (Le Mans 24 Hour)
  10. competetion lol. see this and laugh

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