XFX Radeon HD 5570 - Fan does not spin. Computer doesn't start

By Cleef
Aug 12, 2011
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  1. Here is the rundown of my dilemma. I had recently purchased a new graphics card from Best Buy. Brought it home, blah blah. Threw it into my computer. And it started up fine. Had to reset the resolution, then I installed the drivers. Both on the disc and the drivers that my computer installed automatically. The computer reset about... three times that day WITH the card inside my computer. Then I started to play games like Battlefield Bad Company 2, APB Reloaded, WoW, Starcraft, eventually GTA IV, which I was downloading that night. Thus the computer was on for a little while. I shut my computer down after GTA IV was done downloading. And this morning, I booted it up, and I heard a loud noise coming from 'outside' or so I thought. At first I wanted to believe it was a motorcycle or something outside. But it was my computer. I waited 5 minutes, thinking the computer was booting up. My Razer Naga wouldn't light up. Which was what I was using to see if my computer was working. I opened up my case. And turned on the computer. Everything was running besides the fan on the graphics card, which probably means the graphics card didn't work either. However, my mouse, my keyboard, and my monitor did not respond to my computer starting up. All of them were unplugged as it were, even though they were plugged in.Then I decided I would throw in my old ATI Radeon HD 3 series card and behold, it worked. Now here are the problems that I THINK are the reasons as to why my computer won't work with this new card.

    1. GTA IV took up the space on my harddrive that my graphics card was using.
    (This seems like it wouldn't have anything to do with it... But I just had that feeling that it was.)
    2. The card is defected
    (But why did the card work before the computer was shut down?
    3. New powersupply?
    (My powersupply is a 375 watt, But this card requires 400 watts, however I have heard of cases where a 350 watt could work.)
    4. New motherboard...
    (Please no...)

    Some things that are happening when my computer is on with the new card.

    1. The light on my computer is the default blue, not yellow, so that can't be a powersupply problem.
    2. All the other fans in my computer are running.
    3. My computer made its usual start up noise. Its a beeping noise when the power button is pushed. However it did not start up fully. (The mouse, keyboard, and monitor did not start. and my new card if you could count that.)
    4. Power supply fan is spinning (375 watts) aswell as the CPU. However the CPU is EXTREMELY loud with the new card, like I said I thought it was a motorcycle.
    5. The LED's on the motherboard are lit.

    Im thinking its the powersupply not being apply to send power to the card? Or else its a faulty card. Which I hope it isn't. If I end up getting a 450+ watt powersupply... Im getting the 6770 and sending this one back.

    Everything functions normally with the old card. Please tell me my new card isn't defected -.- I just hope its a power supply problem...
  2. Tmagic650

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    Yes get another bigger power supply. If the new video cards have power supply connectors on them you must connect the computer power supply to the video card
  3. xFINGERZx

    xFINGERZx TS Rookie

    Most definitely a PSU problem. I say get a 650 Watts or more PSU so you wont have to hassle again if you want to upgrade in the future

    SKYSTAR TS Enthusiast Posts: 207

    Hi man i am sure 100% that i know what is your problem :

    Hi man i am sure 100% that i know what is your problem :

    after a few months i bought the ATI READON HD 5770 and the same thing happening with me so i get a 650 watt power supply from my friend but no hope , then i get a new
    mother board (support pci express 2.1) and the hd 5770 finally is working .
    good luck man.

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