Xiaomi announces a massive 30,000mAh power bank for less than $25


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Power banks can be a lifesaver for frequent travelers, and even those not always on the move benefit from being able to charge and use their devices without being stuck to a wall. That freedom ultimately comes down to the pack's battery capacity, which in the case of Xiaomi's Mi Power Bank 3, should result in plenty of freedom.

Weighing in at 657 grams, the Mi Power Bank 3 is Xiaomi's biggest battery bank yet. It also won't be making it to a flight anytime soon because it's 30,000mAh capacity and 3.7V operation make for a 111Wh power rating. That's bigger than what's found in most laptops and is 11Wh over the currently allowed limit for lithium-based batteries.

In terms of ports, the Mi Power Bank 3 features 2 x USB Type-A, 1 x USB Type-C, and 1 x Micro USB. The Type-A and Type-C ports can output up to 18W for fast charging three devices at the same time, though expect it to quickly drain juice at this rate.

There's also a low-power mode for recharging sensitive devices like smartwatches, bands, and Bluetooth headsets. Double-pressing the gadget's check power button switches on its low current charging mode, complementing the in-built protection against over-current, over-power, and short-circuiting.

A power bank of this capacity will also take considerable time to recharge. The Mi Power Bank 3 is said to reduce that somewhat with support for 24W high-power input through its Type-C port, taking around 7.5 hours for a full recharge. The same can be done in 10 hours via its 18W micro USB input port.

As with Xiaomi's recently announced $559 AMD-powered RedmiBook, this hardware will also be exclusively available in China for now. It's set to go on sale on June 18, although reservations seem to be sold out at this time.

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What the heck is "fast charging"? Is it Qualcomm QuickCharge? Is it USB Power Delivery? Is it something else? Or all of the above?


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That third pic with screen side and brick against each other made me cringe a little, and holy cow what a brick lol.


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I can just see someone leaving one of those in their car, and it over heats from being left outside.
30amp? That's a ticking time bomb if it overheats.


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I can just see someone leaving one of those in their car, and it over heats from being left outside.
30amp? That's a ticking time bomb if it overheats.
I've done that with a 10,000 mAh power bank. When I've realized what I've done. I ran to the car to get it out as quickly as possible and had to find a rag just to handle it. It held up. That's been 5 months ago. Don't leave a phone in the sun either.
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Are you pretending that buying "American" (or Korean or Japanese) electronics made in factories in China don't support the CCP at all?
The ccp pretended that the virus could not be past on from human to human.
They are the great pretenders.
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I just continue to build my own with (no solder) kits on ebay and purchasing 18650s. I've built about 10 that I give out to family members. These xiaomi's ain't coming to the US anyway.
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