XP Admin Status Problem

By Wychrij
Mar 13, 2009
  1. Hey all,

    I have this really annoying problem on my Windows XP. Everytime i try to access control panel or remove and install programmes or time/date anything really, it keeps coming up with a warning message saying exacty: "This operation has been cancelled due to restictions on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". This thing is, since i remember i have always had admin status on my comp. Any ideas?????

  2. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    do you remember or do you have administrative rights?
    anyway it may also be a policy which prevents certain actions even for administrators.

    check your user account for administrator rights (member of group adminsitrators) first, please.

    post back
  3. Wychrij

    Wychrij TS Rookie Topic Starter

    fixed :)

    hey thanks for getting back to me so quick. I do have admin status and after a bit more searching on the internet i found out its a malware issue. Downloaded this software and it did all sorts of things on my comp. Now all is back to normal :D Now to try and get internet working haha.....oh the fun of computers
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