XP Boot Crash

By stanger1982
Apr 18, 2004
  1. So I guess this all started Monday or Tuesday. I turn on the computer in the morning and I get to the screen where XP is loading and I can see the light in my mouse and my keyboards (both USB) start to come on, then they go out and the comptuer restarts. It then asks if I want to start in Safe Mode. I say no, start Windows normally and USUALLY it boots up and I have no problems the rest of the day. I say usually because sometimes I need to repeat the process one or two more times. Thing is, I haven't installed ANY new hardware in about two weeks and the last bit of software that was installed was a good five days before this started happening. I have no idea what could be causing this, is there any way I could watch as things boot up instead of the little bar thing on the XP screen, kind of the way you can in Linux? Anyone have a problem like this? I mean, its not the end of the world cause I can EVENTUALLY get onto Windows... but it is a bit frustrating.
  2. OS samurai

    OS samurai TS Rookie Posts: 159

    Can you boot up without restarting if you boot into safe mode? I ask because if you are able to boot from safe mode you may have a software problem? If you get the same problem while booting in safe mode it may be a hardware problem. Have you tried running a program like adware or spybot? Or a virus check with the latest virus definitions.



    Edit as far as booting to a text screen from XP like Linux I have been unable to find a way to do this. What does your event log have in it?
  3. stanger1982

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    yeah, i have no problem getting into safe mode. as for the event log, its pretty clean... nothing other then "application starting" etc. i've also run norton 2004 with virus defs from a week ago and its clean. what do you mean by software problem? something a mess with xp or something else?
  4. OS samurai

    OS samurai TS Rookie Posts: 159

    yeah I ment XP or some some app on your system or maybe a spyware or some other type of problem
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