XP Can't Find Installed Canon Multipass C5500 Printer??? (USB to Parallel??)

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XP & Canon Multipass C5500 - Service Pack 2???

I found out that the problem is not with the parallel to USB cable. The problem is that the Multipass C5500 will not work with XP Service Pack 2. Canon specifically states that it is incompatible. Is there any way around this?!

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I got a Canon Multipass c5500 and saw that it had a parallel cable connector - so I got a parallel to USB cable as my pc doesn't have a parallel port. When I plug in the USB cable, my computer tells me that it has found new hardware - and tells me that it is the Canon Multipass C5500 printer. I install the software, but I still can't use it. Every time my computer boots up, the Multipass Desktop software tells me that it can't connect to the C5500, but the "install new hardware" window comes up.

Anyone have any ideas on how to remedy this???


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Canon Multipass C5500 and USB

I have the same issue as massagegirl. I have an HP Pavilion a1410y with USB ports but NO LPT ports. I bought a USB-to-parallel cable. Windows hardware wizard finds and identifies the printer but cannot find the software to install it. I downloaded a driver for XP from one of the driver websites (XPC5500) but Windows can't find whatever file it is looking for in XPC5500. If I launch the installation directly from XPC5500 it works OK except that when it comes to selecting the desired printer port, the only ones offered are LPT1, 2 or 3. No USB port is selectable. Short of buying a card with LPT ports on it, does anyone know of a workaround?
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