XP desktop looses "theme", turns white

By sumter
Aug 18, 2005
  1. Today while my connection was out for 6 hours I took the power supply out of my HP and put it in my IBM. I then put the IMB power supply in the HP.

    Previous to this transfer the IMB would shut off at various times while loading Windows after a format.

    On the very first try after the power supply transer the IMB loaded Windows all the way through on the first try. It hasn't spontaneously shut off yet.

    However, the HP won't hold its themed desktop. I use a desktop wallpaper I took from a webpage a long time ago and keep it in My Pictures. I keep telling to use that picture and stretch it. It will put it in my desktop for 2 or 3 seconds, then switches back to all white. Also my Miranda keeps saying I'm offline.

    I ordered a new power supply from Amamax. 550 ATX p4 & AMD compatable (20 pin) dual fan for $16.99

    Do you think my white HP desktop has something to do with the IBM power supply in it?

    I guess I am betting it does because our air conditioner broke today and I could have spent that money escaping the Central Florida heat and humdity.
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