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By skizo
Sep 1, 2006
  1. I bought a new version of XP Home off of eBay, and when I received it, I noticed in small print on one side it says:

    Licensed for distribution only to specific countries within Middle East and Africa.

    It appears to be the same as any "American" version I've seen. It's in English and all. Is there any difference, or should I ask for a refund or what?

    I don't want to open it until I'm sure I'm going to keep it.

    I don't think it will be in a different language as everything on the cover is in English. I just don't want to install it and it isn't setup for my "American" keyboard or something. When I was in Mexico, their keyboards were setup completely different except for the letters. I have no idea what issues could be underlying, that's why I'm asking though.

  2. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    Im not entirely sure, but I do know it wont affect your keyboard - if it does, you can simply change it in control panel....


  3. skizo

    skizo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Response from seller:


    The product you received it 100% genuine and legal to use in the USA. It is the Full OEM version and is identical to all the retail versions you could purchase on the shelves at stores like Best Buy. We purchased this product in bulk directly from Microsoft and sometimes they send us things that may be labeled slightly different (like distribution only to certain countries). Microsoft sells these to us when they have a surplus of this product and they have fully authorized the use of these in the USA. Everything is in english and you still can download all the updates directly through Microsoft (there is no difference).
    Please feel safe in knowing that both Microsoft & ZTech back your product.

    Feel free to email us if you have any other questions at all!


    Well, here goes nothing! Wish me luck. I'll post back with results in a couple days. ;)
  4. skizo

    skizo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ended up working just fine. Been running it for about 10 days now with no problems.
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