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By claremichael
Apr 14, 2008
  1. Can anyone please tell me i have a computer which had xp home on it the oem code is on the side of the computer but i have no disc to reinstall. I have a XP pro disc if i run this could i use the code on the computer. If not where could i get hold of a disc.
  2. damusca

    damusca TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Hi Clare,
    If you use the xp pro disc it will show up in microsofts checks as pirated and will not allow you any updates on your system, if it is a legal one then you could always update your system with it and no harm done.
    You could always get another disc from the manufacturer of your pc to match the xp home it was supplied with but the cost of that would vary, do you have any files you need to back up if you installed xp pro.
    Why do you need to redo the ops system, is there a problem with it running, if you are just doing a repair on your pc the xp pro disc will work if you put in your code which is on the pc.
    Hope this helps, if not repost with any queries you have
    David :)
  3. damusca

    damusca TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Sorry, something I forgot to mention, if you are just doing an install and it is a legal disc with the oem code on it then it would be fine to install it, no probs at all as long as it is not currently registered to another pc.
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