Xp Install Problems

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Aug 7, 2007
  1. Okay my OS was doing fine until the other day when out of no where I got a missing NTLDR and then it would not restart without saying that so i put my hard drive in a different computer as a slave and it booted up fine so i backed up my files put it back in my computer and tried to reinstall windows but after the install it just sits at a blank screen with a dash blinking and wont even reach the windows xp screen my computer is a Compaq Presario SR1410NX Desktop PC at this point i read through microsoft to make a bootable floppy that has NTLDR and Ntdetect.com files in it from the windows cd. ill end up doing that later this evening can anyone help me this is getting really time consuming.
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    You probably have a hardware failure... Memory, modem, USB, NIC or video. Try resetting the motherboards bios. It might be a power supply issue too
  3. macval

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    i took every thing out even my ether net card and no dice. i took out one of memory chips out to and reset the bios. doute its a power problem because i bought a new one not to long ago and its slwas worked fine.
  4. macval

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    ok so i made a boot disk http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314503 and put it in then it loaded the floppy and the screen really went blank no blinking dash or nothing. so i put a controller ata card in and loaded the boot disk and the xp load screen came up!!!! followed by a blue screen telling that windows shut down so that no error will happen check your hard disk remove any controllers ext and restart.

    is no one helping me because i am new or something???
    i am really trying here i have two computers in the same room
    the one i am working on is right in back or me.
    HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!!
  5. macval

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    o yeah and one more weird thing about the boot disk is. when i poped it out when it didnt work the computer said invaled dis please restart so i restarted with no boot disk and it just kept comming up so i unpluged the floppy and it went back to the same old blank screen with a blinking dash.

    Still need help ill be here all day!!1
    at my wits end...
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