XP Kernel Rollup Hotfix

By TS | Thomas
Jun 21, 2003
  1. XP Kernel Rollup Hotfix Pack

    A kernel rollup hotfix package is available for Windows XP & Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1). The kernel rollup hotfix package replaces the hotfixes that are listed in the Hotfix Replacement Information section later in this article, and it corrects the following issues:

    The hotfixes in the Hotfix Replacement Information list do not contain the latest version of the Windows XP kernel files. These hotfixes have been repackaged in the kernel rollup hotfix package. This package contains updates to the kernel files in Windows XP & Windows XP SP1. The package was created to address a file version incompatibility issue that occurs when you install the update that is documented in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article & then install any of the hotfixes that are documented in the Hotfix Replacement Information section later in this article.

    Download Now from Warp2Search until those geniuses at Microsoft decide it "might" be helpful to actually just link you to the update, instead of having to call them to get a link.
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