XP "not genuine"

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Mar 17, 2010
  1. Jillocity

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    i wasn't trying to steal the os either, but ran into the same prob...found a work-around for it, in order to use a legally purchased os that microsoft didn't recognize as legitimate...
  2. jakeshjo1953

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    xp not genuine

    I didn't mean it in a way that means anyone really was trying to steal anything. What I think I was trying to say is that maybe the person that sold it to the guy was just boot legging which leagally means the poor people that bought it from him are out of luck. Software like anything else can be faked. My nephew bought a Gibson guitar off of ebay and it was a fake. At least the guy in this scenerio we are writing about gave the buyer his money back and it was done. Now start right and buy it legitimate and it will work and be genuine. My Nephew has no recourse because it was a fake id as well as a fake guitar.
  3. license27kill

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    simply put,

    he paid for his o.s. been there, done that..

    but he's annoyed by all these prompts..

    since when wga turned on and found something fishy about your o.s.

    it gives notification..

    well thats our point, to help, we must kill the annoying thing.

    got it. :)
  4. megabomination

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    Hi . I finally got the time to get everything sorted and the bottom line is MS dont wanna know! Im going to use the software as the only thing i dont seem to be able to use is Windows Media Player and everything else including automatic updares seems to be working properly? Is there anything bad that could happen from useing the software or will i just be unable to use a few apps such as media player? Thanks.
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