xp oem or retail?

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Oct 25, 2006
  1. What is the difference between oem or retail? I'm ready to set up my daughters computer and need xp system. I can get a oem at tigerdirect for $90.00. The retail is 199.00. Any input please. Thanks Kirk
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    Well, with the OEM version, you don't get anything special, like the colored box, manual, and other stuff. You just get the XP cd, and almost nothing else.

    I'd choose OEM, it's way cheaper ;)
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    I also believe you don't get support from MS if you buy an OEM version.
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    Another major difference is once installed, the OEM version is forever tied to that PC and cannot be transferred or used in another PC even if the original PC is dead and ready for the scrap heap. A retail version can be transferred although, of course, it still can't be used in more than one machine at any one time.
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