Windows 11 Pro license deal - OEM Version or Retail?


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With regards to this TechSpot Deals article

Does anyone know if this is for an OEM license or a Retail license?

I'm asking because OEM licenses are not supposed to be able to be transferred to new hardware - I.e., a new build with a new Motherboard, where as Retail licenses are.


Julio Franco

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Looks like it's back to $39.99 for Pro, too. There is some price fluctuation back and forth, hopefully the deal lasts longer than a few weeks.


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@Julio Franco I'm wondering here - I bought a license, and it says something like I have 30-days to redeem my code. Does that mean that I have 30-days to get the code from the store, or does it mean that I have 30-days to download and install Windows 11?