XP on Vista dual boot/need SATA controller drivers for SAMSUNG SP2504C

By pliendo
Sep 23, 2007
  1. Hello all,

    I have a situation. I have recently had to take the plunge and purchase a new system. This new system came with Vista Home Premium. I attempted to dual boot, so that I could continue to use some of my other applications that are no compatible with Vista. I have created a partition, and selected the boot order CDROM before HDD so that I could setup XP on the new partition. However, the system seems to bypass the CD and boot straight into VISTA as if it didn't recognize the setup CD. The research I conducted strongly suggests that I may be experiencing an issue with the SATA controller drivers of my HDD. Unfortuantely, the XP setup never gets into the first screen, so I am unable to F6 at all. I read another article that suggested I might be able to create a streamlined SP2 setup disk with the Controller Drivers on it, but I need to find these SATA controller drivers first. I searched on SAMSUNG's website, I've searched the Internet, and I've searched here, obviously with no luck. I read on one of these forums that all SATA controller drivers are essentially identical. So I was wondering if anyone could direct me to where I might be able to acquire these drivers. Or, does anyone else have any other suggestions as to why I am unable to install XP as a dual boot with Vista? Every other article I have read seems to indicate this is a fairly simple process. I hate that I am having such a difficutl time. I would appreciate any assistance with this matter. Thank you.
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