xp pro help

By nickbeaton
Feb 11, 2007
  1. I have been trying to install xp pro for months, i have an msdn subscription and i am using nero to burn the iso every time. i have probably burned about 10 copies all with the same results i was lucky enough to find an xp home cd which i was using for a while until i decided to go to vista... the nvivia drivers are so bad at this point that i cannot even get stable fps in Counterstrike 1.6 so i wanted to go back to xp pro and i have burned 2 or 3 disks in that past 2 days all with different settings, for a while i thought it was the burner but a coworker of mine gave me one and i burned it agian with the same results. the error is something like this "Initialization Failed D:\i386\asms Incorrect function" this is bad and idk what to do i really want to get off of vista for a while and im not going back to xp home. am i burning it wrong? i tried using a slower speed but that didnt work. also i have tried like 5 different hard drives all quick and regular formating and no formating just replacing the existing os but it never works. i have only had to come here for one other problem because i can troubleshoot my own problems for the most part but right now i thing god does not want me to have windows xp. please help, thankyou.
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